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When dealing with mental health, it’s crucial that everyone has access to the necessary support to overcome their obstacles. In order to properly handle mental health issues, one sometimes needs more than the support of family and friends; sometimes, actual institutions and facilities are required to provide medication and other, more professional kinds of service and treatment. It seems as though Canada has opened a new facility for those dealing with mental health issues.

Located in Calgary, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has recently opened a brand new facility that is designed to provide support to those with mental health issues. Dubbed the Centre for Excellence in Recovery and Peer Support (CERPS), the new facility is looking to take a new approach to mental health support. In essence, CERPS will focus on providing connections, hope and a sense of belonging to its patients. Everything about the new facility has been designed with these tenets in mind. According to a report from The Star, the actual atmosphere of CERPS is reminiscent to that of a coffee house, in which patients are greeted upon entry.

CERPS offers a variety of free classes to anyone who feels as though they need assistance or support with their mental health. These courses range anywhere from exam stress to learning how to cope with depression during the holiday season and were developed based on suggestions from actual mental health and substance use-challenged individuals. CERPS hopes to offer helpful services to individuals of all ages, from children to senior citizens. Anyone who feels as though they need assistance is welcome, according to CMHA’s executive director, Lauren MacNeil.

So how exactly does CERPS stack up against other, more traditional centers? Well, NYU Langone Psychiatry Associates (LPA) is another center that offers a different style of support. At LPA, the facility offers top-notch professional psychiatric assistance on a much more personalized level. Once you’ve registered at LPA, you are paired with a specialist who can provide the best care. LPA offers support to a wide variety of disorders, such as addiction, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD and schizophrenia, to name a few. The specialists at LPA create tailor-made programs for individuals and then continue to adjust those programs as the relationship develops; these specialists can even suggest prescribed medication.

These two institutions offer two very different methods of support for mental health. The beauty of it is that no one option is objectively better than another. Some people would benefit from CERPS’ open and communal style of support while others would thrive in LPA’s one-on-one approach. Do your research and discover which option would be best for yourself and get the support you need.

Having an overall understanding of your state of mind is one aspect to dealing with mental health but keep in mind that your ability to get maximum support comes from an understanding of how one’s individual personality works best by interacting with others or by keeping an exclusive patient/therapeutic relationship.

Understanding your problem will allow you to understand your support system!