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Frank R. Harrison

Mental Health Blog

About Frank

Frank R. Harrison is an executive who is determined to use his studies in marketing and psychology, his diverse entrepreneurial experience, and his personal challenges to create a better quality of life for those without access to affordable healthcare.

Over the years, Frank’s goal has been brought to life in tangible and exciting ways, namely through the development of an affinity marketing platform dedicated to raising funds for healthcare and through the launch of his Frank About Health platform. The former is still being developed. With the use of Mobile Technology and traditional debit cards, the platform coordinates with retailers and other consumer brands to contribute a percentage of consumer expenditures to be redeemed exclusively for healthcare, making medical bills affordable even for the working class.

The latter was created by Frank specifically to address epilepsy and break down the myths and misconceptions surrounding it, while providing much-needed support and insight to fellow epilepsy sufferers. Frank ran a titular radio show on Talking Alternative Network, wrote a monthly column for FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures), blogged, and shared content in various other ways to spread the Frank About Health brand.

On a similar note, Frank R. Harrison created this blog to tackle another area of healthcare that is often swept aside, be it out of misunderstanding, stigma, or a combination of the two: mental health in the United States. It is crucial not only to raise awareness of mental illness as it affects any and every demographic, but also to critically re-assess the way that it is viewed and treated (or left untreated) today. He will also discuss the state of healthcare overall for the criminal population, covering its short-term and long-term effects. Both of these areas are often tainted by a lack of empathy and understanding on the part of healthcare providers, and Frank hopes to bring these issues to light and provide hope to people.

Prior to shifting into the healthcare sector, Frank spent the early years of his career with powerhouse companies such as Citibank, MetLife Insurance, and Sony Music Entertainment, holding various roles in analytics, sales and business development, marketing and more. He graduated from NYU Stern School of Business, earned his MBA from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, and returned to NYU to earn his Master of Arts degree in Psychology and his MS in Integrated Marketing.

For more from Frank, check out his professional overview website and his epilepsy blog.